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What my Clients have to say...
I just wanted to Thank You So Much for all the hard work you have done on my web site.  You have been so very diligent in getting the old hosting problem resolved and then getting everything set up with a new hosting site with obstacles popping up continually and yet you did not stop or get discouraged at all.  You made phone calls on my behalf to get things straight and set up correctly and for this I can not praise you enough!    In the mean time while handling the hosting issue you got my new site set up working with me to perfect every detail so that when it was able to be live in less than 4 weeks with the new hosting company, every page was just as I wanted it to be.
I have received compliments from friends of mine - some that are previous customers and some that are breeders themselves - all commenting on the new more sophisticated look that reflects me and my babies to a T!
Again, I just can not Thank You Enough!    You have a real talent in what you are doing and are so very good at picking up on likes and dislikes to make a better flow of creation - if you ever need a reference please feel free to have any one contact me.
Kelli Neal
Midwest Yorkies and Biewers
Wichita, Kansas
2007 - Present
I contacted Janice Hyde about creating a website for me for the sale of  yorkie puppies.  Upon reviewing her work, I did not feel that it was necessary to contact another designer as her talent in designing a website was what I was looking for. She was the first designer that I contacted.   In just a little over 7 days, I had a website that was up and running.  And one that I  am proud to say is mine.  Everybody comments on how beautiful and well done my website is.
Janice, I cannot thank you enough for doing such a wonderful and Professional job.  I will recommend you to everyone that I know
that is contemplating on getting a website or anyone who wants a new look to the one they have.
This wonderful lady was very easy to work with and always made changes to my site without hesitation and very promptly.  She was not satisfied until I was satisfied.  If you are looking for a professional looking website, then look no more.  You will get it here with Janice Hyde.  God bless you Janice for who you are!
Cheryl Broussard
Yorkies Are Heaven
2009 - Present
I just wanted to say I Love the site!!!  You did a great job and I think it will help me sell my pups better to have a fresh new look.  Everything looks organized and like a Web site should look but you rarely ever see one that good.  I am overjoyed that I found you just in time for my New site to be made !!!  It looks AWESOME !!! Thank you again for making it for me!!!
Sparkle of Glamour
2009 - 2010
I retained Janice Hyde to do my website remodeling and additions after looking at several other websites she had done.   I have been very pleased with what Janice has done for me and what she is still going to be doing on my site.  Once contacted,  she was very prompt in getting me samples for me to chose from and I was told from the beginning she would do what I wanted, and will do it in a prompt manner even if it meant she had to do it over.   When I call her or email her,  she always has time to talk to me and answer any questions  I may have and assist me in whatever I might need at the time.  Even though we are still in the "work in process" I feel everything has gone well and in a timely manner.
I would recommend Janice Hyde to anyone wanting a website built or or a makeover of their existing site.  She is very knowledgeable in her business and her work is quality and unique.
Lithia, Florida  **After I created  2 Biewers pages for her newest breed, Joyce decided to do her own subsequent remodeling of her website.**
I am writing this to say that it has been a pleasure working with Janice Hyde regarding a Website that  she is totally remodeling for me.
After seeing a few of her website designs,I contacted Janice about a web design for myself.    From the first day we spoke I knew she would be the person that I would want to get the job  done. Not only was she a sweet person,  she was very professional as well.   On the first day we spoke I gave her some ideas of mine,  and low and behold within 24 hours ,  she had sent me two beautiful but different Entry pages.   I could not believe she had 
 done something so beautiful so fast,  and it has been that way since day one.   If I was not happy with something, she would not stop working until I was.   
I had previously hired another Web Designer that basically took my money and ran and left me with a horrible so called Website. It took her 2.5 months to do what Janice did in two days.   Not being very savvy with computers, I didn't  have a clue as of where to start or what to do.   Not only did Janice develope a beautiful website for me,   she also fixed many of the pro
blems  that the previous person had caused for me.   Which let me tell you that in  itself was a task and she took it on with no complaints  and had finished in no time.  I will continue to pay Ms Hyde to manage my site also.  I have recommended Janice to a couple other people I know that have been looking for not only a true and honest person,   but a person that goes beyond the call of duty.   Thank's Janice!
Stormy Hayes
Knee Deep in Yorkies
Michigan 2007
It has been my pleasure and to the benefit of my business to have chosen Janice Hyde to design and maintain my web site.  Two years ago my kennel was relatively unheard of and we gave more pups away than we sold.  It was at this time that I was referred to Janice by a mutual acquaintance.  Janice took the time to come to my kennel and assist me with obtaining some photographs of my dogs.  Within a few days she had banners and pages created for my review and approval and as fast as I approved them she had my web site live and operational.  My business has taken off and without a doubt it is due to the hard work and professional web site design that Janice has designed and maintained.
Janice is prompt in her work and nothing short of perfection is acceptable for her.  If I email her a change or addition without fail the change is posted within a few hours.  She is straight forward in her communication and speaks the truth in an effort to help and will not just say what she thinks somebody wants to hear.
I have had nothing but compliments on our web site and the site has put us on the map in the Labrador Retriever world.  I am available by email or phone for questions.
Jeff Whitlock
Labs of Gallman
(601) 260-4779
2006 - 2009
I contacted Janice last December about a website and within a week,  I had chosen my background, colors, etc. from several samples she had done and within 3 weeks, my site was live online!  She makes any changes I request usually within 24 hours or less which, I'm told, is high above the average web designer.  We breeders need our new photos posted quickly so potential customers can see our available pups online and Janice has never failed me yet.  I would recommend Janice's services to anyone who is looking for a website that stands out above the rest and who needs updates done quickly.  I've had many compliments on my site and I'm happy I found Janice when I did. 
Elaine Simmons
2006 - 2009
Yorkie Wee Tots ***Elaine has created a new site on her own and now breeds chihuahuas www.chihuahuatinytots.com***
I had heard about Janice through Yorkie Wee Tots, what a great job she had done putting together Elaine's website.  I contacted Janice and told her I didn't know much about a website or a computer.  She said "No problem".  She sent me several different samples until we came up with one I really liked.  Anytime I have changes, she has them done within 24 hours and emails me so I can check the updates and make sure everything is correct.  I have had many compliments on my site and would recommend Janice to anyone is thinking of doing a website.
Jean Strait
2006 - 2008
Yorkies Forever ***Jean has decided to totally  remodel and maintain her website herself....her new site is www.djslilpuppypaws.com.***
Janice has built two websites for me and all in a timely fashion. She does great work and tries to accommodate each and everyone of us as soon as possible on updates, changes or any questions we may have regarding our websites.  No way, can someone get better service for the price we pay and have a professional website. I am extremely satisfied with my website  and the service I receive! Thanks Janice, keep up the good work.
Barbara Graves
Yorkie Divas Home
2006 - 2010

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